Tewaterlating ARKLOW VALE

Tewaterlating ARKLOW VALE

Het persbericht zoals op royalbodewes.com


On Friday 18 September 2015 the christening and launching of the 5,100 DWAT Bodewes Trader with new building number 721 will take place at the yard of Royal Bodewes in Hoogezand. Building number 721 is the first ship in a series of ten 5,100 DWAT Bodewes Traders for Arklow Shipping that will be completely built in Hoogezand. The most striking features of this Trader are the energy-saving bow form, the hold capacity of 221,000 cbft and the gross tonnage below 3.000 GT. After finalisation the vessel will be added to the Arklow Shipping fleet.

Mrs Mari Louise de Jong will perform the naming ceremony of the vessel.

Anybody who is interested in attending the christening and launching of this Trader, is welcome to come on 18 September to the yard “Jachtwijk” of Royal Bodewes, located at Industrieweg 17 in Hoogezand. The yard will be open from 12.45 hours, and the ceremony will start at 13.15 hours.

Natuurlijk liep het een beetje uit! maar hier heb ik dan de foto’s:

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